Every adult in Chuzekk society has a rank. Upon graduation from school, an individual is promoted to the rank of cheej. A cheej does not supervise, or support, anyone. A person holding the next rank, chiroje, supports 12 cheejes, a person holding the next rank supports 12 chirojes, and so forth.

Higher and Lower RanksEdit

In Chuzekk culture, a person with more authority is said to have a lower rank than a person with less authority. This is because hs or her job is to support those with less authority, not crush them.

The RanksEdit

The first six ranks are:

  • Cheej (Supports 0 people)
  • Chiroje (Supports 12 Cheejes for a total of 12 people)
  • Zeed (Supports 12 Chirojes for a total of 156 people)
  • Zirode (Supports 12 Zeeds for a total of 1,884 people)
  • Keev (Supports 12 Zirodes for a total of 22,620 people)
  • Kirove (Supports 12 Kivvs for a total of 271,452 people)