On Chooz and in Chuzekk-controlled locations, unemployment is virtually non-existent. Unemployed adults who are not exempt due to illness or severe disability are assigned jobs by the Employment Command. The theory is that since every person is a consumer, there is enough demand to give everyone a job.

The CommandsEdit

In Chuzekk society, there is no distinction between military and civilian or between public and private sectors. All lines of work are lined up according to Command. These are organized in a somewhat military style with distinct ranks , uniforms and chains of command.


In spite of the rather rigid employment system, entrepreneurship thrives in Chuzekk society. Before starting such a venture, it is necessary to get approval from the Employment Command. A small business operator, like everyone else, holds a rank, but may or may not wear a uniform. The business and its operator will be loosely associated with one of the Commands.