Baby Girl is a city on the Planet Chooz


Baby Girl is a city located on the ocean floor of the planet Chooz. It is a fairly new city and is laid out in a very orderly way because it was planned before it was built.

How It Got Its NameEdit

Baby Girl was named for its principal industry, which is growing crops of baby-girl fruit. Baby-girl fruit got its name because it thrives in the same conditions as the seaweed that turns Chuzekk nymphs into females

A Gender-Imbalanced City Edit

The overwhelming majority of Baby Girl natives are female, because girl seaweed grows naturally in abundance all over the city. Couples who wish to have boys must use imported seaweed.

Women in the city who wish to marry males have no trouble, because water women are considered very desirable in air culture, and many air men consider living in a city full of water women to be the ultimate fantasy.

Notable Residents Include: Edit

  • Shode